Robin has been involved in type design at Monotype for nearly 50 years. His Arial typeface family is one of the most-used fonts in modern history.

“The challenge for me is to design typefaces that meet functional requirements while maintaining elegance of form and good design cohesion. Attention to detail and careful drawing are an essential part of creating good designs with enduring qualities.

Many of the new typefaces I have been involved with were designed with particular requirements and usage in mind. For example, newspaper text requires robust letter shapes, legibility and width economy; these factors informed my approach with the Nimrod® typeface design.”

Robin’s Work Surrounds Us

A key component of the Scandinavian Airlines (SAS) corporate identity is the Scandinavian™ typeface, designed and developed exclusively for SAS. Monotype’s experts worked as part of a team with Stockholm Design Lab AB, which was one of a number of design groups involved in the corporate identity project.

“We worked to meet their brief to create a typeface that reflects simple, informal elegance,” said Robin Nicholas. “They had used the Rotis® design in the past and we needed to create a family that would be able to work in conjunction it, but at the same time give them their own identity.”