A native of Lebanon and specialist in Arabic fonts, Nadine was named one of the 100 Most Creative People in Business for 2012 by Fast Company magazine.

“Type cannot be divorced from the reality in which it lives. It is the voice with which we communicate, and it is the vessel of so many of our thoughts and feelings. To that end, type will always be seen in relation to the function it serves.

Some people call what we do art, but type design lives in the playing fields between reading and visual expression. It is the freedom to draw within the confines of public acceptance. It is a paradox, but that is what makes type design so enchanting.”

Nadine’s Work Surrounds Us

“Oh mountain, no wind can shake you” – this is the Lebanese saying that inspired Linotype typeface designer Nadine Chahine as she created the Gebran2005 typeface. Designed for An-Nahar, Lebanon’s leading Arabic-language daily newspaper, Chahine’s creation is part of a major redesign of the publication.

Named after Gebran Tueni, An-Nahar’s former editor and publisher, Gebran2005 is a modern version of a classic, newspaper headline style. “Like Gebran himself, the typeface has a distinctive, self-assured presence,” Chahine says.

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