Dan is a seasoned typographer, as well as a typeface designer. This, combined with his background in graphic design, branding, and publishing, enables him to talk with customers about the work they do and how we can help them do it better.

“I turned to type design after many years as a practicing typographer, so the way I draw letters is very closely bound to how they need to perform when typeset. Because of that, research and investigation go hand-in-hand to inform my design work,

whether it be custom projects for specific uses, contemporary expressions of classic styles, or the development of non-Latin typefaces. I'm always trying to define the questions that must be asked to ensure that what I design is truly fit for the purpose.”

Dan’s Work Surrounds Us

City ID commissioned Monotype to develop a custom typeface that would meet the demands of a new generation of information products and services for the Interconnect Birmingham wayfinding system. The typeface was required to refer to characteristics of VAG Rounded, currently used widely across the West Midlands transport network, whilst improving the quality and legibility of information. Network is now being used across a new range of bespoke transport information and wayfinding totems, as well as in printed guides and digital formats.

"For me, the Network family was an example of really collaborating with a client to create a brand new design once I started asking questions about an initial request for a new weight of an existing typeface."

Dan Rhatigan

Photo Credit: Jesse Alexander