The eText font collection provides publishers and device manufacturers with improved performance and readability of their content on any device, regardless of platform or format.

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Edge-tuned fonts

Monotype’s Edge™ technology uses an intelligent hinting process to preserve character fidelity of our e-reader fonts at any size and for any language. With Edge, superior text display quality is achieved even at the lowest bits per pixel (such as 2-bit), resulting in exceptional legibility with the fastest possible page-turn speed.

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Language support

Providing an optimal level of multilingual text support is an issue faced by every e-reader device manufacturer. Monotype is one of the world’s largest providers of multilingual font solutions for software and hardware developers.

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Monotype’s WorldType® Layout Engine is a modular software library for handling the composition, positioning and rendering of high-quality text in multiple languages, including complex scripts such as Indic, Arabic and Hebrew.

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Reading off a screen can be uncomfortable, but today’s growing number of tablets and e-reading devices are succeeding by offering convenience and advanced features. As more and more people choose to engage in long-form reading on electronic devices, leading device makers, developers and e-publishers need to optimize the quality and comfort of the e-reading experience. Monotype helps them with solutions for sharp, legible text in a wide range of languages.

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