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Monotype’s extensive selection of fonts for for mobile device and application devlopers, categorized by language, product use and type style.

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Microsoft® Windows® & Office® Fonts

Mobile application developers that provide word processing, presentation and spreadsheet applications require the correct fonts to ensure Microsoft compatibility. For more than 20 years, Monotype has been trusted developer and distributor of fonts and font development services to Microsoft.

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Multilingual Fonts

As the market for mobile deveces and applications expands globally, fonts become even more critical, serving as a brand’s connection to reaching new markets.

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Monotype Portfolio for Automotive

See how we a combine rich legacy of sophisticated type design with advanced font display technology to help you meet specific HMI requirements and branding objectives.

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User Interface Fonts

Designers need typefaces which allow them to create high-impact user interfaces that remain highly legible and promote clear functionality.

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FlipFont is a downloadable application that enables users across the globe to personalize their mobile devices with high-quality type from the Monotype Libraries.

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Type Enhancements for Android™

Monotype’s Type Enhancements for Android bring rich, high-quality text and worldwide language support to certain Android platform devices.

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Custom Font Services

Customized solutions are available through the Monotype Studio, where some of the best typeface designers in the world work with you to fulfill unique branding requirements, including the creation of customized typefaces or the modification a current solution, such as adding multilingual characters to an existing design.

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Increasingly sophisticated and offering expanding capabilities, today’s mobile phones and handheld devices are more than mere tools: users rely on them for many of life’s daily activities, from keeping appointments to surfing the Web to playing games to, yes, talking. Monotype has been working with mobile device makers for more than a decade, helping them to evolve their text-based functionality and engage consumers with increased font support.

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