The foundation of the Monotype Libraries defines the quality, variety and flexibility that our customers expect – and we proudly deliver.

The goal of the Monotype library is to provide creative professionals and OEM customers with a broad and reliable selection of high-quality typefaces ideally suited to today’s publishing and new media needs – and compatible with a wide range of products and devices. The Monotype library comprises modern revivals of historic typefaces, innovative work from contemporary designers, and diverse Latin and non-Latin designs for global markets.

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A Historic Moment from Monotype

When first shown at a trade conference in 1928, Gill Sans was roundly panned. One critic even branded it “typographical Bolshevism.” Yet when it was officially released a year later, the face became an almost instant success – perhaps because it soon adorned British railway signage. Since 1997, Gill Sans has been used in the logo for the BBC. Today Eric Gill’s creation remains one of the world’s most popular and legible sans serif typefaces.