With more than a century of distinction in the world of type, the Linotype library offers creative professionals a world of choice.

As revered as Monotype, Linotype has a history every bit as rich and productive. The company was acquired by Monotype in 2006, adding Linotype’s exceptional collection of more than 6,500 original typefaces to the Monotype Libraries. Linotype’s contributions cover the typographic spectrum from antique to modern, east to west, and classical to experimental. Some of Linotype’s most famous typefaces include the Helvetica, Frutiger, Optima® and Univers designs.

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A Historic Moment from Linotype

A typeface so famous that a successful documentary film uses the design’s name as its title, Helvetica is truly ubiquitous – both on land and in the air. In 1962, a mere five years after it was introduced, Helvetica was integral to the rebranding of the Lufthansa airline company. Five years after that, it became the new corporate typeface of American Airlines. More recently, the Swiss creation was used for the lettering on NASA’s Space Shuttle Orbiter.