A type company that spoke to creative professionals in their own language, ITC was a model of typographic ingenuity.

Founded in 1970 in the phototypesetting era, ITC established itself as a reliable producer of quality type that would license to manufacturers of composition machinery and its own subscribers. ITC was dedicated to issuing typefaces that were visually engaging and versatile enough to fulfill the needs of creative professionals. Working with leading type designers, ITC built a library of classic text and innovative display fonts.

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A Historic Moment from ITC

In 1973, ITC began publishing U&lc, a richly designed periodical that creatively showcased one or more ITC typefaces in every article. There were no sales pitches – just a few pages set aside for new typeface announcements. Known as “What’s New From ITC,” these announcements presented the latest ITC releases and their designers to the graphic design community. Among creative professionals, copies of U&lc were treasured and greedily collected.