The company that took type to today’s leading game consoles and mobile devices now adds variety and innovation to the Monotype Libraries.

The Ascender typeface library features original and revival typefaces imbued with artistic distinction and technical sophistication. Many of the fonts were created with extensive character sets and advanced typographic features. Monotype’s Steve Matteson led the development of the Ascender library with the goal of enhancing the typographic choices of creative professionals. Monotype acquired Ascender and its exceptional type library in 2010.

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A Historic Moment from Ascender

The Droid Sans typeface family was released in 2007 as a design optimized for onscreen user interfaces – the Android platform in particular. Its goal was to be a comfortable reading font on everything from mobile handset menus to Web browsers and virtually any other onscreen environment. Designed by Steve Matteson, Droid Sans is classified – ironically, given its name – as a humanist sans serif, with open forms and a friendly appearance.